20 2 / 2014

29 1 / 2014

Today I finished my update to Mavericks and for some reason emacsclient was saying that it can’t find a socket.

After rechecking and restarting my emacs server it kept saying the same, so for a couple of seconds I thought that my compiled version of emacs decided (https://github.com/sarcilav/dotemacs) to stop working, because when I tried to use the default emacs version of OS X, emacsclient worked again, so it was clear that something had changed and it was my emacsclient version, because for some reason after the update, it removed my symbolic link to the emacsclient-v24 and put its very own version of emacsclient-v22.

So my solution was just to replace (again) the 22 version by my own version.

07 7 / 2013

I’ve been studying clojure, and this is my first project/lib https://github.com/sarcilav/authy-clojure

Here is the entry at clojars https://clojars.org/authy-clojure

PD: I’m still learning clojure and about it’s community, please let me know what do you think

05 7 / 2013

Sometimes you will need to generate assets with round corners.

For example for mobile devices or so, to serve from an api or whenever you can’t use css.

For these cases you can use https://github.com/sarcilav/magick_round_corners

It is easy to use. Just look:

require 'RMagick'
require 'magick_round_corners'
image = Magick::Image.read('sample.png').first #  => sample.png PNG 300x300 300x300+0+0 DirectClass 8-bit 976b 
rounded_corners_image = image.round_corners(50) # => sample.png PNG 300x300 300x300+0+0 DirectClass 8-bit
rounded_corners_image.write('output.png') # => sample.png=>output.png PNG 300x300 300x300+0+0 DirectClass 8-bit